10 more days

this is to everyone, myself included.

10 more days to nationals. everyone’s really tired, and worn out, and maybe some of us are thinking, ‘what’s the point’. some of us just want it to be over and done with, can’t wait for training to end, tired of aching bodies and feeling lousy. some of us aren’t trying hard enough and don’t feel like trying. myself included.

but i thought about it and realized..

10 more days to nationals. 10 more days and i won’t be pulling out the mats anymore. 10 more days and i won’t be putting on my smelly cheer shoes anymore, won’t be rolling out the rollmats anymore, won’t be stunting with my friends anymore, won’t be rolling my eyes at nic’s lame jokes on the mats, won’t be laughing at weeps’ floral shorts, won’t be putting on my tights underneath my fbts anymore. for some of us, it’s the last time doing nationals.

10 more days. i want to treasure these 10 more days. i want the team to treasure them too.

after nationals, how often would we see yod? how often would you see your team-mates who aren’t in the same block as you? schoolwork would start piling up and everyone would start being preoccupied with their own problems.. how often would you see your faithful shoulder-stand base, your tosser, your flyer, your mid?

these are the people you’ve spent a year with, two years with, three years with. what’s stopping us from making this routine a good one? think about it.

we have 10 more days.

if you feel like giving up, don’t. think of your friends who are fighting. if you feel like your mind has died halfway during training, we understand, everyone gets tired. but try your best. if you feel grouchy during training, remember: 10 more days. soon it’ll be 9. then 8. then 7.. and treasure the moments you have with your friends stunting. such moments are so precious.

10 more days everyone. let’s not regret anything after nationals. let’s not regret not putting our all. let’s not regret not treasuring each and every moment on the mats.

and let’s put up a damn amazing routine.

this is to everyone, myself included.

love, kat

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