its not the time.

its not the time to be stressed and worried. i know there are still a lot of things we gotta do,stunts we gotta hit, finish that extra half a round.

it is not a time to be stressed. i know the clock is ticking and everyone is stressed,worried,panicking, scared and afraid. but honestly,it won’t do us any good to be feeling all that now. now is the time when we need to focus and believe. if we doubt ourselves that we can’t do it,if our minds are filled with all the negative thoughts, then half the battle is lost.

weeks ago,remember when i said that there will be not enough time for us to be very confident about the routine. and i said when that time comes, fear shouldn’t be the first time on our minds. but faith. i told everyone that, we need to learn to believe in ourselves and to always keep the faith no matter what.

it is a race. race against time. time is not on our side, even our bodies are not doing what we are telling them to do. but doubting yourself, having no confidence at all is just gonna make it is a hard time. it is a hard thing to do, to always keep believing and to have faith in yourselves when everything else is against us. but like i said, remember the times when it went up,forget the times it didn’t.remember the times when we manage to get the stunts up. remember that euphoria. feel that,don’t forget it and keep it at heart and start to believe in yourselves.

it is not like we have never done perfect ones. it is not like we never did nice ones in a row too.

i think all the stress,worrying and lack of confidence is gonna break everyone down as we progress on. eradicate it. honestly, the bases can feel when they flyers have no confidence and stressed and i am sure the flyers feel it too when the bases have no confidence. we are a team. i need your confidence to make me feel confidence.i need your faith to make me believe in myself too.

let’s all just channel positive negative thoughts on the mat. focus and believe in yourself when you are on the mats. i know the stunts matter too, but i am sure when you start believing in yourself, everything else will be hat tricks.

serva fidem people.


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