Rag Day 2010!


The atmosphere when they announced the results at the end was truly, truly amazing. Everyone just started screaming their hearts out, embracing anyone and everyone and crying out of sheer joy. Three months of hard work, by the Flag team, by the Rag team.. every small worry and discontent disappeared when KR roared her heart out in victory.
Thankyou Deo and Carol, our amazing Rag Dance choreographers. Thankyou costume stylists, for being so patient with us. Thankyou every single Rag helper! It wouldn’t have been possible without you. 
Thankyou KR for being there to support Rag!
KR Steppers helped out as Rag Dancers! Kudos to the amazing choreography by Deo and Carol yet again.
Photos taken off Facebook. Credits: Ian Chng, KR PhotoComm, JunKang etc.

Sunshine Smiles on everyone’s faces(:


Our poi, with LCD lights. The effect was amazing! Billy you nailed it(:

Rag dancers roaring the hakka.
It’s been an amazing few months, and everyone has learnt a lot. KR Steppers was glad to have been able to help the Hall out in Rag and Flag 2010! 
Rag performance 2010, presenting to you… KRohanga!
FWOC, Flag, Rag… It’s hard to juggle hall activities with normal cheer training. But KR Steppers is a special cheer squad, because we can do both, and do both well(:
School’s starting next week, everyone please take this weekend to rest well(: Can’t wait for training to resume!
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  1. weeps says:

    Awesome xout man xxy. And awesome hakka angsty fierce expression us. Haha good job!!! I think being angry is so much harderr than being happy. So we will totally own it during cheer coz it's all happy haha.

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