Being a KR Stepper

Tonight, I sat down and really started thinking of my team, of my KR Steppers, and what being a Stepper really means to me. I really thought about why I am in this squad, and why I am doing this.
I love cheerleading and I love striving to improve and getting stronger. I love the adrenaline rush of performing in front of an audience and I love the feeling of flying. I love the thrill of learning new things, of pushing my body to its limit. I love it when stunts go up and I love the happiness we feel when we watch videos of performances on facebook/youtube post-performance.
But even more, I love the team.
When I think back of the past year, of my first year as a Stepper, this is what I recall.
  •  I think of Deo staying up the whole night comforting me when I thought I wouldn’t get into the main team for Nationals and was crying really badly.
  • When we were running full runs and everyone’s morale was low, captain Weeps, who I had been in total awe of last year; giving me a thumbs up over some really simple stunt.
  • That thumbs up totally made my day.
  • The late nights at the rooftop/backgate/each others’ rooms, talking about nothing and everything.
  • Elvina and I crying together in the bathroom and comforting each other in each others’ rooms one fear-filled night.
  • The team sleeping together and training together in the RSU gym and drinking chaa yen and bidding for modules in that dodgy little internet café.
  • Xiangfeng playing the guitar in my room and making me feel better one grouchy day.
  • The ‘thud’ sound that indicates Jon hitting the floor while bboy-ing.
  • Beng and Holland V stingray and the fourth floor stair well.
  • All the jokes at Billy/Wei Li’s expense ahaha(:
  • Xxy and Shiqi hugging me when I burst into tears right after our Nationals performance.

 These are the things I remember. Among many, many, many others.
As much as we train, as much as it is important to improve and get the prestige our team yearns for, these are the things I remember. Failed partner stunts, correct technique… as much as these things matter now, these aren’t the things we take away in the end. These aren’t the things we remember at the end of the day.
I remember the encouragement my friends gave me. I remember the times they showed me they loved me. I remember how we fought together and how we helped each other.
We choose to remember things that touch us. We choose to remember the good times. We also choose to remember the hard times and how we pulled through it together, with the help of our friends, our fellow cheerleaders, our fellow Steppers.
KR Steppers. We aren’t a team known for being harsh. We’ve always been the team people associate with the term ‘Sunshine Smile’. Encouraging. We help each other out. We’re a Hall team. We stay together under the same roof. We’re neighbours; we’re Family.
Since Steppers was founded, we have always been known for being the cheer team that encourages, not discourages. When stunts fail, we encourage our flyer all the more. We let her believe in herself. When bases are tired, we give them a pat on the back and a can of Coke. When people don’t believe in themselves, we go to their rooms and talk to them about it. And always, always, supper together at the end of the day ahaha(:
This year, we have really high goals. It looks impossible, it’s so daunting, and all of us are scared. All of us are demoralized. We don’t seem to be progressing. The morale is low and all of us don’t believe in the amazing things we have planned. Tough times. There are tenthousand things we have to go up against.
A lot of these challenges come from within us.
But it’s ohkay. We can do this. Because we’ve got each other. No one’s doing this alone. Everyone’s fighting together.
Let’s all have hope. Believe in yourself. Believe in each other.
I am in Steppers because I love the team and because I know the team loves me back. I am in Steppers because I know that people believe in me, and this makes me believe in myself all the more. I am in Steppers not only because I love cheer, but because I love every single Stepper in the team.
I am in Steppers because it’s home.

Why are you a Stepper?(:
I think all of us need a little reminding. A friendly pat on the back, a smile during training, notes on doors, encouraging texts… small things make a difference. Let’s all show each other how much we love each other. Because these things are what we take away at the end of the day. These are the things we remember.
Get loads of rest everyone, we have a long day ahead of us. Let’s do our best to support Flag!
Ready ohkay, one two down Steppers(:
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5 Responses to Being a KR Stepper

  1. Anonymous says:

    Well said Kat!
    May steppers forever be an encouraging team..!

  2. Anonymous says:

    omg 🙁


  3. chaang says:

    this is a very good post! tag your entry on xwonder's fb page and stand a chance to win monthly cash prize for Blog Post of the Month (BPOM) award!

  4. styleofmint says:

    Excellent and heartfelt!
    – big B –

  5. Yunn says:

    <3 <3 <3
    no amount of tiny e-hearts is enough to express the love that can be felt from this post
    <3 <3 <3

    pretty much everything on this post, nailed it spot on.

    glad to know that the only noticeable change since the founding team is the improvement of the technical capability of the squad (which is a good thing).


    blame no one.
    expect nothing.
    do something.


    P.S. jon's 'thud' has been there since the first nationals hahaha 😀 it is legendary

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