Steppers at Universal Studios!

To celebrate those whose birthdays are in July, Steppers (plus Grace!) went to Universal Studios (at half price!!! We’re magic like that.) Weeps had to leave before we even entered though, because he was coaching VJ Knights later that day.

Had lunch at FoodRepublic before arriving at Sentosa, thank goodness it didn’t rain in the end!

To Jingjie, Kat, Weeps, Yod, Ivan.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY(:

Taken at the entrance before Weeps left, and before Ivan and Wei Li came.

Happy birthday Yod!(:

We got scolded for ‘doing dangerous things’ and had to stop climbing stuff after this:(

Deo and Grace(:

The horrid long wait for the Jurrasic Park River Adventure… eighty minutes!!!

Billy the blonde cheerleader.

After a while you realize that Kungfu Panda is at the back ahaha.

The Chen brothers.

Royal shoulder sit! 

Looks painful:(


everyone, have an amazing week ahead! FWOC is going to be loads of fun!

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  1. Nontakan says:

    I love it so much. I hope that we will have a wonderful time together again in BKK. Let's go Thailand.


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