Hellllllo this is JJ from China

I accidentally found out i can access here just now ๐Ÿ™‚ so i wan post something
(Edwslut i promise i made the decision of posting it b4 i read your email ok? hahaha kp)

I might not be able to come back before the second week of july because of my teeth and family ๐Ÿ™
very sorry for being phantom for the past few days, and really sorry i never reply anyone’s msg or email ๐Ÿ™

Actually I’m really sad about that cuz i know there are alot of things going on recently. I really wanna help when i see edw kat and eden are busy doing all the work. I know it should be my duty to be there in sg and i really cannot help anything much if i dun come bak physically. However, i really tried my best to negotiate with my mum and did as much as i could to help out the comm. Cuz i still remember what i said and promised during the comm election, and i reli mean it “Steppers for me is really like a family”
I know there are many of you, same as me, are foreigners. But different from you all, as one of the scholars from china, it’s quite hard for us to survive in hall. Most of us never speak so much english before, we have never been in any culture or sports group before, for me, i dunno a single thing abt cheer when i was in high school. At that time, the only thing we do is mugging. I saw how my china friends slowly slowly disappear from block, from hall, and i wanna say i’m very lucky not to be one of them.
But if i never join steppers, it won’t be possible.

I cannot rmb how many times i tell urall that i join steppers is an accident. So sorry im gonna say it again cuz i believe there are still some of you guys dunno.
that day i was helping my friend moving into hall, and stupid weeps forgot to shift to his new room. That’s my 1st time knowing weeps ( i tot he’s a nais guy cuz he lend us his magic clean but now i think im decieved haha), den i knew he was the stepper’s captain. At that time i alr know steppers is a super super super zai team cuz i saw the banner haha ( that makes me scared to think abt going for audition ). Then comes IBG and i was chosen as the basketball captain, i msged everyone in the team and onli weeps replied me so thats how i saved his number. One more thing, i was playing sub for football and every match weeps ask me to sub him in the half time, that time i was thinking this senior so cui, no stamina hahahaha. Eh, sorry for making you guys read this not-so-fun story haha, again, if u allow me write it in chinese, it confrim can publish one ๐Ÿ™‚ Actually i nvr think abt joining steppers for quite long, even after the auditions. However, i think its fate, taiyu wanna join steppers and i told him i got captain’s number. Then i msg weeps see if you guys still need ppl anot, den weeps say “u wanna come and try?” and i juz say yes lor. haha this is how i joined steppers.

The best thing happened in my 1st yr definitely is becoming a stepper, and you guys reli hav lightened my life. For the past year, i have managed to achieve the things that i never think i could ever do, and i got precious friendship here. Moreover, i had so much fun during every training, every outing, and every single talk with each one of you guys. I can still remember how hard we train when close to the national. At that time i reli think i can sacrifice any thing to get the routine up. and i can still remember what happened on 20th March in Expo. and Billy, you remember you promised me we are going to find our heart back together nxt year?

there are so much things i wanna talk abt but i reli dunno how to say here. I believe everyone of you have the same feeling for steppers as me. Its really more abt a team, or a bunch of ppl in hall.

i know its very hard to explain to my mum wat cheerleading is and wat hall culture is like here, but when i show our page in HAM to my mum, i feel so proud that i am one of KR Steppers, the KR’s very own cheerleading team.

Every seniors, hope blueblood is not our last time perform tgt, we know we are going to win something in expo next year.
every freshies, believe me, you wont be regret if you become one of us.

a not-so-high-CAP-but-still-cool-cuz-he-cheers ah tiong

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