Steppers Tryouts 2011!

Dearest Fellow Kent-Ridgeans!

KR Steppers would really like to take this opportunity to thank all residents for their enthusiastic support during NUS RAG DAY 11/12, and we hope that all of you have enjoyed the cheer segment during the performance.

KR Steppers, our Hall’s very own cheerleading team, has established itself as one of the top local cheerleading teams during last few years. Just recently, we clinched the 2nd place in this year’s Singapore National Cheerleading Competition (SNCC) Open Category, making us the best varsity cheerleading team. This achievement will not be possible without the continuous support from residents of Kent Ridge Hall.

In March 2012, KR Steppers aims to get better results, and we believe this can be achieved if YOU join us this coming Thursday at our KR STEPPERS RECRUITMENT DRIVE 2011.

Date: Thursday, 18th August 2011
Time: 8pm
Venue: KR MPSH
Attire: Comfortable sports attire and shoes, girls please wear tights.

We would like to highlight that ABSOLUTELY NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE is in any way expected / required!

Any enquiries, please, do email us:

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