About Us


KR Steppers is a cheerleading team based in Kent Ridge Hall of National University of Singapore, since 2005. Our members consist of students of NUS, who are residents of KR hall as well. In here, we train and bond as one family.

Cheerleading is a sport that requires different elements like strength, body control, teamwork as well as flexibility. With these skills, we work on different components of a cheer routine, for example, dance, pyramids, group and partner stunts, as well as gymnastics tumbling.


Every year, the team competes in the annual Institute for Higher Learning Cheerleading Championships (IHLCC), where we get the opportunity to showcase our routine; our months of hard work to everyone.

In this year’s IHLCC, the team managed to clinch the champions title for the first time in the history of KR Steppers!

Previous achievements:

  • Asia Thailand Cheerleading Invitational 2010: Group Stunt Category 2nd
  • Asia Thailand Cheerleading Invitational 2010: Group Stunt Category 3rd
  • SNCC 2011/2012: Open Category 2nd
  • SNCC 2011/2012: Freestyle Category 1st
  • SNCC 2011/2012: All Girls Group Stunt Category 1st
  • IHLCC 2012/2013: Open Category 1st

Outside the competition periods, the team participates in other competitions, performances and workshops. These events help increase our experiences and exposure in cheerleading.

  • KR Hall Orientation Camp
  • NUS Rag and Flag Day
  • Inter-Hall Games Closing Ceremony
  • KR Steppers NUS-Wide Recruitment Drive
  • Cheerleading Workshops/Exchanges with other cheerleading teams