Steppers goes to Student Achievement Awards


Congratulations to our team of 11/12 for winning the Trophy Award for Group Category in the 8th National University of Singapore Student Achievement Awards (NUS SAA)!


IMG-20130216-WA0000 IMG-20130216-WA0001


This is the second year that we have won something in the awards. We would like to thank the Kent Ridge Hall and its people for their never ending support, without which we wouldn’t have achieved the things we set out to do. Thank you everyone!

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KR Steppers and NUS Alpha Verve Exchange

Last Saturday, we hosted an exchange with Team Alpha Verve! Both KR Steppers and Alpha Verve are teams from NUS (National University of Singapore), so it was good that we get to know more peers from school too!

Which team do you think has the nicest abs??

Part one of exchange: practising scorpion double downs! Our freshie flyers Sophie and Wei Ting look really good here!

Part two: Basket tosses!

Alpha Verve all-girls group (+1 guy haha)!

Part three: Trophy 1-1-1

Thank you coaches for letting us have this session, to cheer with each other, and to cheer each other on! We definitely look forward to having more exchanges with Alpha Verve!

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KR Steppers @ ATCI 2012

Recently, KR Steppers competed in the Mixed Group Stunts – International Category for the upcoming Asia-Thailand Cheerleading Invitationals (ATCI) in Bangkok.

The competing team

We managed to attain ASU for our performance!

Below are some of the snapshots of our performance. Enjoy!


Elizabeth executing a double twist Scorpion Toe Touch

Basket Toss Layout
Heel Stretch 35477_10151263150809664_2006101894_n

KR Steppers!!

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The Last Stepper

If you think you are up to the challenge of being a KR Stepper Base or Flyer, come join us on 31st Oct 2011, 7pm at Kent Ridge Hall MPSH! We are looking for members for the team!


See you on the mats!

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Steppers at ATCI 2011

Updates from Day 1 ATCI,

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Steppers at ATCI 2011

The KR STEPPERS have completed the rehearsal runs today at the competition venue. We will be competing against 7 other teams in the Group Stunts Category over this weekend.

We will do our best and strive for an ASU!!!

Lets Go Steppers! 😀


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Steppers for ATCI 2011

The KR Steppers will be sending 2 groups for the upcoming Asia-Thailand Cheerleading Invitationals in Bangkok. The team has been training since end August and will be participating in the Mixed Group Stunts – International Category.

Team Gold comprises Elvina, Elizabeth, Jing Jie, Ben and Yong Da

Team Blue comprises Cheels, XiaoWei, Billy, Nicholas and Glenn

Please cheer the participants on.. and we’ll see you at ATCI 2011!


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To the Seniors

This is a long overdue post that I want to dedicate to the awesome seniors who have been fiercely loyal to the team….

I want to extend my gratitude to these seniors especially.. Thank you Billy, Elvina, Wee Ping, Jing Jie, Cheels, Nic and Kat. After the end of final exams in May, the team has been involved in a number of pro bono and paid performances.  One major performance was the NUSSU Rag Day held in conjunction with NDP 2011. Being the Rag Choreographer of both Kent Ridge and Sheares Hall, I enrolled the team as performers without “much of their consent” and I am really touched and appreciative of their support throughout this journey. Having to choreograph this historical Rag proved to be a challenging task due to the increased number of performers, logistic and administrative work. The seniors sacrificed their vacation to help train up freshmen and played a huge role in controlling these bubbly and at times over zealous bunch. I was really moved when Jing Jie and Weeps cut short their US travel plans to come back for Rag. The team had to perform a 1.35-minute stunts routine and they had 1.5 weeks to get the routine up. The Rag freshmen (whom mostly have became part of Steppers 11/12) worked really well with the seniors and were able to perform impressive stunts although they had only 6 weeks of training! It was definitely one of my proudest moments at Rag to see an All-Stunts-Up for the cheer segment. Also, a part of Rag’s success this year has to be attributed to our dearest Coach Yod who perfected the stunts and contributed as a Rag Make Up Artist.

4 groups with Arabesque twist down


Other than the KRaSHers rag, the Steppers were involved in training the Biz Rag Stunts. Elvina choreographed and directed trainings for these freshmen who pulled off steady and impressive group stunts, basket tosses and pyramids at the Promontory. The trainings with the Biz Rag team were immensely fun and we definitely miss working with all these potential cheerleaders!

I would also like to take this chance to thank supportive seniors such as Shiqi, XiaoXinYi, Mel, Beng, Deo, Eden and last but not least Edward.. who have always kept the team in their hearts and minds even though they have moved on from Hall. Thank you for coming back whenever we need help! 🙂


I know you seniors have not really had a break since SNCC 2011.. but lets all press on and work towards an awesome ATCI 2011.. Lets Go Steppers! (Where are we going?!.. HAHAHA)


– ben

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KR Steppers: More than just cheer…
Come down for our Tryouts on 18th Aug, 8pm at Kent Ridge Hall MPSH.
We are family.. both on and off the mats!

More than just cheer...

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Steppers Tryouts 2011!

Dearest Fellow Kent-Ridgeans!

KR Steppers would really like to take this opportunity to thank all residents for their enthusiastic support during NUS RAG DAY 11/12, and we hope that all of you have enjoyed the cheer segment during the performance.

KR Steppers, our Hall’s very own cheerleading team, has established itself as one of the top local cheerleading teams during last few years. Just recently, we clinched the 2nd place in this year’s Singapore National Cheerleading Competition (SNCC) Open Category, making us the best varsity cheerleading team. This achievement will not be possible without the continuous support from residents of Kent Ridge Hall.

In March 2012, KR Steppers aims to get better results, and we believe this can be achieved if YOU join us this coming Thursday at our KR STEPPERS RECRUITMENT DRIVE 2011.

Date: Thursday, 18th August 2011
Time: 8pm
Venue: KR MPSH
Attire: Comfortable sports attire and shoes, girls please wear tights.

We would like to highlight that ABSOLUTELY NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE is in any way expected / required!

Any enquiries, please, do email us:

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