Happy Birthday Elvie (:

Elvina turned 21 on 5th June!
Belated surprise birthday party for her on the first day of training with all freshies from Rag and Steppers.
Thanks Kat for the cake! 😀

See her face! Hahaha

Junior + Senior flyers! <3

New + Old bases!

And, Elvina, your new wallet is very nice! Not auntie at all! 😀

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Community Chest & Camp Blue Blood Performances!

On 22 May, KR Steppers performed at the Community Chest Charity Fun Walk which attracted more than 5000 participants! We had fun rahrah-ing the crowd, and we were glad to have such supportive and enthusiastic audience there.

And the very interesting mascot who managed to trick Kat. Hahaha

Photos after performance!

One last photo from Camp Blue Blood performance (with Darren at the back!)

Our team for performances might be small, but definitely still amazing! Love you guys! (:

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Upcoming Performances: May 2011

Hey everyone!

KR Steppers will be appearing in the following events for performances. Do come by and support us!

May 15 – The Gan Clan Association 45th Anniversary Dinner
May 21 – The 100 PLUS PAssion Run
May 22 – ComChest Heartstrings Walk
May 24 – Kent Ridge Hall Camp Blue Blood

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2010.05.04 – Recruitment Drive!

KR Steppers would really like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your support during our Singapore National Cheerleading Competition (SNCC) 2011, of which we emerged 2nd!

We hope for your continuous support as we strive for better results in the next SNCC 2012!

We are a cheerleading team based in Kent Ridge Hall, a place where we bond as family.

In light of this, we are now open for RECRUITMENT, so please do make your way down to Kent Ridge Hall on 10 May 2011 at 11am, as long as you are interested. No prior experience required, but it will definitely be better if you have some background in cheerleading/gymnastics/dance!

Cheerleading is a sport that involves different elements like dance, strength, body control, teamwork, gymnastics and stunts. We get to try all these different things in one sport.

Interested individuals please fill up the application form attached and mail it to recruitment@krsteppers.com
Please do email to the same address for any enquiry!

Feel free to bring your friends along for the recruitment on 10 May!
Be in comfortable sports attire, shoes, and tights(girls)!

Kent Ridge Hall on 10 May 2011 at 11am!
All are welcome! Be a KR Stepper now!

Download the application form here!

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New Website!

From now on, this will be the new website to represent KR Steppers!

The pre-loved blog krsteppers.blogspot.com will still be kept public and as an archive (and because it’s also nice).

We’ll post news, dates and updates about our performances so be sure to check back regularly! 😀

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10 more days

this is to everyone, myself included.

10 more days to nationals. everyone’s really tired, and worn out, and maybe some of us are thinking, ‘what’s the point’. some of us just want it to be over and done with, can’t wait for training to end, tired of aching bodies and feeling lousy. some of us aren’t trying hard enough and don’t feel like trying. myself included.

but i thought about it and realized..

10 more days to nationals. 10 more days and i won’t be pulling out the mats anymore. 10 more days and i won’t be putting on my smelly cheer shoes anymore, won’t be rolling out the rollmats anymore, won’t be stunting with my friends anymore, won’t be rolling my eyes at nic’s lame jokes on the mats, won’t be laughing at weeps’ floral shorts, won’t be putting on my tights underneath my fbts anymore. for some of us, it’s the last time doing nationals.

10 more days. i want to treasure these 10 more days. i want the team to treasure them too.

after nationals, how often would we see yod? how often would you see your team-mates who aren’t in the same block as you? schoolwork would start piling up and everyone would start being preoccupied with their own problems.. how often would you see your faithful shoulder-stand base, your tosser, your flyer, your mid?

these are the people you’ve spent a year with, two years with, three years with. what’s stopping us from making this routine a good one? think about it.

we have 10 more days.

if you feel like giving up, don’t. think of your friends who are fighting. if you feel like your mind has died halfway during training, we understand, everyone gets tired. but try your best. if you feel grouchy during training, remember: 10 more days. soon it’ll be 9. then 8. then 7.. and treasure the moments you have with your friends stunting. such moments are so precious.

10 more days everyone. let’s not regret anything after nationals. let’s not regret not putting our all. let’s not regret not treasuring each and every moment on the mats.

and let’s put up a damn amazing routine.

this is to everyone, myself included.

love, kat

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its not the time.

its not the time to be stressed and worried. i know there are still a lot of things we gotta do,stunts we gotta hit, finish that extra half a round.

it is not a time to be stressed. i know the clock is ticking and everyone is stressed,worried,panicking, scared and afraid. but honestly,it won’t do us any good to be feeling all that now. now is the time when we need to focus and believe. if we doubt ourselves that we can’t do it,if our minds are filled with all the negative thoughts, then half the battle is lost.

weeks ago,remember when i said that there will be not enough time for us to be very confident about the routine. and i said when that time comes, fear shouldn’t be the first time on our minds. but faith. i told everyone that, we need to learn to believe in ourselves and to always keep the faith no matter what.

it is a race. race against time. time is not on our side, even our bodies are not doing what we are telling them to do. but doubting yourself, having no confidence at all is just gonna make it worse.it is a hard time. it is a hard thing to do, to always keep believing and to have faith in yourselves when everything else is against us. but like i said, remember the times when it went up,forget the times it didn’t.remember the times when we manage to get the stunts up. remember that euphoria. feel that,don’t forget it and keep it at heart and start to believe in yourselves.

it is not like we have never done perfect ones. it is not like we never did nice ones in a row too.

i think all the stress,worrying and lack of confidence is gonna break everyone down as we progress on. eradicate it. honestly, the bases can feel when they flyers have no confidence and stressed and i am sure the flyers feel it too when the bases have no confidence. we are a team. i need your confidence to make me feel confidence.i need your faith to make me believe in myself too.

let’s all just channel positive energy.no negative thoughts on the mat. focus and believe in yourself when you are on the mats. i know the stunts matter too, but i am sure when you start believing in yourself, everything else will be hat tricks.

serva fidem people.


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It was the first time we wore our spankin’ new uniform! Designed by our very own beloved coach(: Yod did an amazing job, the team looks really smart! Kinda miss my old dark blue uniform because it’s so precious to me because the alumni wore something similar and so it’s full of history, but i love the new one equally too. 
Our handsome bases showing off their new uniform.
Front view.
Back view:
Flyers showing off the pretty girls’ uniform:


Final wall with Enya and Ying Ting on top.
IHG Closing performance was something I really looked forward to because it’s the first and only time this year we’re able to train with a full squad, including our beloved Ying Ting and Enya. For those who aren’t in the know, Ying Ting made it known to us from the very beginning that she wouldn’t be able to join us for Nationals because her Dentistry exams clash with the intense training practices the weeks before Nationals, and Enya unfortunately had to move out of Hall. The Nationals team is always so focused on training for our Nationals routine that it’s really impossible to always include these two lovely freshie flyers during training all the time, which is something really unfortunate and something that has never sat well with me. That’s why I’m so glad they joined us for our training camp in Thailand; we got to spend quality time with them (they’re super retarded, Enya drunk is too funny to watch and Ying Ting is such a bimz) and they got to stunt with the RSU bases (double twist on the first try ohmygod!) and made the trip even more precious for the team. IHG Closing performance was the only time I got to stunt with them (the seniors were in Thailand for ATCI during the freshies’ first cheer performance in hall), and IHG Closing was Enya’s first cheer performance too. And what an awesome performance it was! Loved everyone’s smiles and energy! It was an amazing performance, considering that we only ran the full routine one day before! You girls looked great flying top for final wall, and dancing and smiling your sunshine smiles for all 6 Halls to see, loved it so much! It was your day, hope you enjoyed it(:
Great job everyone, lovin’ the fighting spirit.
20 more days to Nationals! Keep fighting, everyone!
Love, Kat
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Thai Cheer Camp at RSU!

Sorry I’ve been neglecting the blog! 
This is one whole month late but just for fun, this post is going to be about our trip to Thailand’s Rangsit Univeristy for our annual Thai Cheer Camp! For those who don’t know, we’re really privileged to be given the amazing experience of being flown down to Rangsit, Thailand every year to train with the cheerleaders there. We never fail to improve vastly, gain loads of life experience and precious cultural exchanges every time we go. We love our Thai friends, new as well as old, and got to meet our beloved Oat and May, who supervised and added-on to what the team has already learnt in Singapore. The team really enjoyed themselves this year!
Let the photos do the talking!
The RSU cheerleaders prepared mattresses, pillows and blankets for us and the team slept together in the old gym besides the sports hall. (The air-conditioning was freezing cold!) But it was great team-bonding, and all of us got to know each other better.
This is the old gym, where all of us slept!
Where we spent every morning, afternoon and night…
 the mats of the RSU Sports Hall:
Does this bring back memories, team?
Couldn’t have survived without our handy giant fan!
seXXY cover-girl
Even though we’d be dying by afternoon, I’m really proud of everyone for pressing on, for running around the hall for warmups again even though every single muscle is aching, for giving your all, taking care of your bases/flyers, being receptive to the different teachings we were exposed to, being flexible and willing to try new things and not just stubbornly sticking to what we were taught. 
Blood, sweat and tears… Everyone pulled their weight, and, I’m sure, took something away from each day of training.
We wouldn’t have survived without..
ahaha seriously! Everyone made several trips there daily for food, Red Bull and to buy presents for our Thai buddies.
Foremost on everyone’s mind was the amazingg Thai food. We ate like kings there (and came back several kg heavier ahaha)
The awesome strawberries that everyone lusted over!
Waiting for beef noodles! 
A restaurant on a boat!
What you put into your beef noodles.
Our beloved coach <3
We had a free day in the middle of the week because the RSU team had a performance lined up so the team went out to play!
More good food!
Aw, look at the happy faces!
Joy on extension!
Chee-ling the choir girl (inside joke!)
At night we went to support the RSU team. 
Shots from while they were preparing for their performance:
An inspiring performance put up by the Thai team (as always!)
And in Thailand, how can one not go SHOPPING??!
The team and their buys!
 Last day of training:
COMM 10/11 <3 
(eden you are sorely missed!)
Comm 9/10! 
(please turn your attention to weeps’ really spastic face)
Freshies 10/11! Cute and innocent!
… ohkay, maybe not.
(nic and danial look like perverts.)
Introducing the flyers from KR Steppers:
Enya, Yingting, Elvina, Kathleen, Xinyi, Melissa, Chee Ling!

And our male flyer, Deo!
Couldn’t find a photo of the bases though!
The block with the most cheerleaders: D-Block!
We also celebrated Byrant’s birthday in Thailand with loads of fun, laughter and booze (photos of which shall not be placed here ahaha) 
Happy birthday Byrant!
The party the RSU cheerleaders took the time and effort to put up for us + Gift exchange with our buddies:
All the good food and alcohol they painstakingly prepared for us! Thankyou RSU!
Exchanging gifts with our Buddies!
Captain 09/10 and Captain 10/11, looking good!

But alas, all good things come to an end. We were all really sad when it came to the last day of Thai camp!
Thankyou RSU! We missyou already! 
Can’t wait to see our Thai friends again when they come down in March to watch Nationals. 
I’m really thankful that Hall sends us off to Thailand every year. Steppers really is extremely lucky to be given such an amazing opportunity to grow and mature as a cheer team. We often forget our humble origins, how the team started out with nothing (Expect Nothing), Did Something, and got somewhere. We cannot take what we have now for granted! It was the hard work and determination of our seniors before us that have gotten us to where we are today. They fought really hard for us to gain the trust of Hall, and have helped established us within the Singapore cheer scene as a qualified squad worthy of competing against. We have so much now: mats, a coach, roll mats, crash mat, shoes, uniform, annual Thai camp, precious Thai friends, Oat and May, fixed MPSH timings allocated for cheer (our seniors had such a hard time fighting for MPSH space). 
Don’t take any of these for granted, because none of them came cheap.
The team really, really enjoyed themselves in Thailand, and everyone had withdrawal symptoms when we came back! FB statuses were all about missing RSU and Thailand, and not wanting to go back to school.
CNY is over, and it’s..
Six more weeks to Nationals, jiayou everyone!

Hope this post put a smile on everyone’s faces! Remember to start on your assignments early so we won’t flounder and drown during DP/Nationals period!
See you guys back on the mats tonight! 
Love, Kat
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